KIPCO Continue its Strategic Partnership with the Proteges

The seventh edition of The Proteges program was launched during a press conference held yesterday at KIPCO Tower. The program is being held in partnership between the Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) and The Proteges. Rana Al-Khaled, Mentor, The Proteges said that the program was founded to o er life and leadership skills to young Arabs. “These are the skills they need to lead the Arab world. The Proteges is a mentorship program designed to positively in uence the youth and push them towards realizing their potential and improve themselves,” she noted.

The main goal of this program is to search for talented youth and give them a chance to excel. “We hope that these youth gained knowledge and life experience through their participation in The Proteges, which will change their lives forever. This is the reason for being here today to launch the seventh edition of The Proteges pro- gram,” added Khaled.

The program was designed for youth aged between 16 to 24 years. “We encourage all youth whether studying in school or university to register for The Proteges program for next year as soon as possible. For the past four years, all the main companies of Kuwait Projects Company Group supported the program. For instance, the American University of Kuwait o ered its campus to host the training courses that took place in Kuwait. Also, OSN o ered its satellite channels to advertise the program, in addition to

other services provided by the companies,” she pointed out. The Proteges is an all-inclusive program that combines workshops, lectures, activities, challenges, games and fun. “These activities are guided by a group of most talented experts across multiple elds – the mentors. This year the foreign trip will be to Germany and the Czech Republic, where the students will undergo specialized training cours- es at Berlin University, which one of the best universities in the world. We thank KIPCO for supporting the program for the next six years,” concluded Khaled.

Abeer Al-Omar, CSR Director, KIPCO, highlighted the aim of Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) and its sub- companies to support and encourage talented youth. “We aim to have a generation that is aware of its future respon- sibility, so we continue our strategic partnership with The Proteges. We trust the excellent achievements of the 25 students that they accept annually, who were carefully chosen for this program,” she said.

KIPCO is supporting the program to ensure its continu- ity through o ering its services and products to meet the needs of the participating students. “Eight sub-companies of KIPCO are sponsoring the program annually, including Burgan Bank, KAMCO, United Real Estate Co, Gulf Insurance Group, Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company, American University of Kuwait, OSN, Kuwait Hotels Company and United Networks Company,” stressed Omar. The Proteges program will start on July 9, 2017 and will continue for six weeks. Students can apply for the eighth edition through the website: