Why the Proteges? Article by Shoug Al Eissa

A countless number of people have asked me the reason behind joining the Proteges, and here I am today able to give oceans to the question “Why the Proteges?”.


At the beginning of my G6 journey, I was like a box being transported to different countries, covered with many layers of protection, and heading to no specific destination. It was a hectic start because the sessions required my voice to speak, my silence to range, and my body to move. The first two weeks were mostly focused on art interpretation, self-awareness, and business 101. During that time, my mind kept expanding into a variety of worlds. I realized how everything is connected to one another. I saw walls speak through graffiti, white-washed colors, and cracks. I sang lyrics to a song written by an Arab legend, Sayed Darwish. I was taught the difference between the business ethics and work ethics. I started to ask “Why?” about anything that made my brain go on a curious mode. I noticed the 24 proteges surrounding me welcoming it all with open arms. I was too hidden, quiet, and shy. I was terrified of the idea of embracing myself with my colleagues and mentors which was the main reason why I didn’t participate much when it came to group projects. I would just listen and share what made me comfortable. Since day one, I knew we were all going to be part of something big.


Two weeks have passed, and it was time to spend our two weeks out of Kuwait. Boston. This trip was a mixture of everything. It involved topics such as social media, improv, drama therapy, art in its different forms, history, politics, and much more topics that wouldn’t cross anyone’s mind. We saw different sides of Boston and listened to everyone’s story. Everyone in this trip was slowly growing into their inner peculiarity, which in the Proteges’s dictionary is their “greatness”. I, in this trip, evolved into being comfortable in my skin. I chose to break my walls down and not fear anyone that approaches me. I learned to appreciate myself, my surroundings, and the little details. I overcame my fear of public speaking, and I took a first step in lessening my fear of heights when we went to the climbing range. I could spend days expressing how much this trip allowed me and everyone to flourish, but there wouldn’t be enough words to do it justice. In those weeks, days, hours, and minutes that were spent together, we became a family.


Ever since our last week in Boston up until today, we have been working on our project called “Waseelah.” The purpose is to give a voice to the voiceless. The reason behind choosing that as a purpose might be because we had all lived our lives voiceless before the Proteges, and suffered being contained that we used alternative ways to voice out. At first, we didn’t know how to make use of our greatnesses as one unit which caused a bit of chaos. Now, each has mastered their greatness and discovered more of what makes them shine. I have grown even more throughout the development that’s been occurring in the project. I have managed to apply what we were taught in sessions to our reality check project. This is where we face the world as one, and gather our minds to achieve what is expected and become the unexpected.


In my path of climbing the Proteges’ mountain, I have embraced my character to grow and my mind to widen. It is a very difficult claim even if you have all the gear, but it’s the best climb I’ve ever taken, and I’ll continue to climb until I reach the top. To sum it up, I grant this poem:


Setting myself free

Brightening eyes with what I see

Embracing myself in belief

Never letting anyone conquer the definition of “Me.”