The Proteges’ Fifth Generation

Day 1


On 26th  of July, 25 Proteges were taken to Yarmouk Cultural centre for their first session in the 6-week program.

There they were introduced to their mentors and chancellors and were informed of the rules and regulations.

Anticipations were high and an adrenaline fuel was firing up.

Day 2

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The second session of the program was all about self-discovery and the beginning of empowerment and was held in Kuwiat University.

Mentor Mishari started the session explaining how cause is greater than effect.

Day 3


On the third day of the program the student were asked to dress up In  traditional  Kuwaiti  garmets and to meet  in Dar al Athaar Al Islamiyah.

Not knowing what to expect they were to attend a rare and special session in presence of guest performance by the one and only local band Al Maas.

The session was condensed with enriching historical facts about our traditions, music and cultural norms. Bridging the gap between our ancestors past and the youth of today.

Day 4


The fourth day of the program was structured on critical and analytical thinking. Examining the fields of moral and ethical values that shape our society’s norms. Dr Amani Al ebdahi a well renowned professor from Kuwait University conducted a unique workshop.

Day 5


On the fifth day of the program Mentor Rana Al Khaled enlightened the students with a session all about talent discovery. How to discover ones true talent, nurture it and live it.

Day 6


On the sixth day the students headed to elevation burger Al Bidae. There they got to meet with NEST representatives Sara & Saud Al Zamel

Day 7


Wrapping up the first week of the program is a  fall out day on entreprenurship.

The session begins with Mentors Mohammed Al Munaikh and Mentor Abdulaziz Al Loghani on Macroeconomics the students discussed the life-cycle and journey of every item in a business cycle taking a coffee shop; as an example, the student had to see and asses every step it takes to forming a regular sandwich, from the farming and agriculture to harvesting to forming packages for the sandwiches themselves. They say how each person and each phase in the business cycle is equally as important as the other and equally as mind-blowing.

Day 9


The day started out with Mentor Shamlan Albahar giving an interesting introduction regarding the topic to be discussed.

Day 10


First impression, we tend shake and tremble in order to make a perfect first impression. From a job interview to meeting new friends . We all want to make an excellent first impression. And that’s exactly what they learnt on day 10 of the program. Mr. Mohammed Bushnag, graciously visited Kuwait just to give the protégés a unique session entitled and based on First impressions.

Day 11


On their final day in Kuwait the students came to meet their mentors for one final session before departing to on the journey of a lifetime.

The session started with the mentors shedding light on their personal path.

Day 15


Now, it’s a bit boring to just sit and listen to to the never ending perils of business cashflows. Now that’s where Mentor Abdulaziz Al Loghani comes to the rescue. His take on business cash flows where he incorporates the Story of the prophet Joseph (PBUH). Despite the famous story being well known for the miracles and strong values within however not many people know about the clever business techniques within and that’s how Mentor Aziz brought it to the surface.

Day 16


On this  day  Students got to meet with Fatma Al Qadafan. An aspiring practioner in drama therapy and  a specialized trainer in socio-drama and theatre therapy .

Day 17



Starting the day with a regular session of drama therapy with Dr.Fatma Al Qadfan. She spoke and taught the students a session on playing the different roles we tend to undertake in the family and the community. Each student had to act out a scene between both a parent and his child or two friends and come up with a clever way of effectively communicating with the other partner in order to achieve mutual and common ground. During the session the students discussed saw and shared personal matters that were resembled in the game that reflected real life situations that are found today and tackled the mentality that society tends to put on an individual.

Then afterwards the students were invited to a special meeting with Kuwaiti Ambassador Dr.Ali Al Nukhaylan.

Day 18




ABBA day. Today was a day highly anticipated by the students. They have been working for days on end on an activity that helps serve the homeless in Sweden. On a performance that will voice and encompass their message. Raising awareness to poverty and homeless in Sweden

Day 20


Denmark Day 1, the land of sandy coasts, Vikings and the nords…

Waking up to skies in denmark, theproteges headed for  a relaxing picinic in the park to start up the day. Mentors Yarub and Chancellors Abdulwahab Bohaimed and Mohammed al Asfour.

Day 21


After a day in the park, touring with a Nordic spirit and escaping a mystery house, more was coming for the protégés.

Day 22


Now, mystery houses, urban rangers, and cross-fit bootcamps aside. This day were to be embellished  and fine tuned the TABCO way.

Day 23


Continuing on their project at work they   were assisted by Miss. Suzzane who conducted a special course on innovation, work dynamics and  how they can  effectively manage themselves into into teams that yield maximum outputs.

Day 24


Today was an exceptional day, early birds woke up to find that not only they were going on a cross-country bus trip, feasting their eyes to the picturesque landscapes of cross-country farm life in Sweden and neighboring sister Denmark but added to that was  their destination, the  head  of industries giants the one and only retail supplier IKEA  HQ located at the heart of tilsammans.

Day 25

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After arriving back to Sweden, the students were met with a challenge known as a Rat Race. Where the  teams were divided into groups of 3 each with a mentor and chancellor were to device the fastest and least cost=effective route back to the hotel.

Day 26


On the way back from Sweden the protégés made a quick stop at turkey. Despite having only a tight time-frame of only 3 hours at the airport. They utilized that time wisely with a continuation of the outside of the box session. Reading  literature work of Shel Silverstein. Wearing props and costumes of each character in the story. They discussed and analysed the characters of each novel  Mr.Grumpledumsong and Shadow Wash.

Day 27

Touch Down Kuwait. on the first day back the students were thrusted to a session full on Human Rights. Led by Dr.Ebtihal Al Khateeb.