PRESS RELEASES KIPCO sheds light on the experience of Generation 4 of The Protégés 2014

KIPCO – the Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) – and The Protégés mentorship program held a joint press conference to shed light on the experience of Generation 4 of The Protégés and details of the completed project, themed ‘Concrete Conversations’. Speaking at the press conference was Mr Shamlan Al Bahar, General Manager of The Protégés Program; Ms Eman Al Rasheid, Deputy General Manager; Mr Faisal AlDuwaihees, Team Coordinator; and Ms Abeer Al Omar, Manager – Corporate Social Responsibility at KIPCO.

Mr Shamlan Al Bahar said: “The program offers creative training sessions to this group, led mentors to help these young people discover their true passions. The mentors provided the group with the necessary skills to overcome various business challenges through self-development workshops, critical and creative thinking, communication skills, team management, and project start-ups and execution.” He added: “Generation 4 of The Protégés was successful in launching ‘Concrete Conversations’ (@concrete_convo), a social responsibility project. The participants presented full details of this project to a judging panel, which commended on the project’s creative elements and core key messages.” Al Bahar expressed his deep gratitude to KIPCO and its Group companies for their strategic support to the program and their belief in its purpose and goals.


Ms Abeer Al Omar added: “Such programs are important to KIPCO’s core corporate citizenship framework which promotes the continuous development of Kuwait’s future through its younger generations.” She said: “At KIPCO, we are proud of being associated with The Protégés Program that helps achieve the full potential of our youth, preparing them to take active roles and responsibilities in Kuwait’s drive to develop. The younger generations are the main force behind progress and advancement of our society. KIPCO and its operating companies continue to invest in local talents, and nurture their professional values and skills.”

Additionally, Ms Eman Al Rashied, said that the program’s internal and administrative operations were restructured on a yearly basis to accommodate its development. She said: “I am proud to have been amongst the first graduates of the program. Becoming part of its management comes from my strong believe in the corporate values of The Protégés Program.”


 Mr Faisal Al Duwaihees also said: “The Protégés Program is one of the best mentorship and training programs available to young Kuwaitis. I have personally benefitted a lot and have made use of every experience we have been exposed to as interns across three consecutive months. The program had a positive effect on my personality, which also helped me develop my skills. Through daily interactions, I achieved my character strengths and learned the true meaning of particular values such as respect, accepting others and the ability to hold responsible roles in developing the community to its best.” Al Duwaihees gave details of the project. He said: “We worked on an exceptional youth initiative that aims at raising more awareness on social issues through painting graffiti art on walls. We commenced drawing in four locations, each highlighting a particular issue. These included upholding your true personal identity, our past generations’ customs and cultural traditions, local traditional values, and bullying. We will continue working hard on this initiative with the primary objective of living in a better Kuwait.” He added: “I would like to thank all senior mentors and everyone who contributed to this program and dedicated their times and effort to making a major positive change in the youth community. We also express our appreciation to KIPCO for its continued sponsorship and support.”