The Protégés G1 – Day 11

From Ghannam Al Daigaan to Sana Al Kharraz, the protégés were getting to know more and more people who have truly changed the definition of art in Kuwait.  On this day, the protégés went to visit Hawali theatre, where they were introduced to the famous director Sulaiman Al Bassam and his team. They talked to the protégés about the basics of theatre in Kuwait in terms of history, culture, techniques, and audience. As they were talking, the protégés were noticing all the familiar faces of famous actors walking in and out of the theatre.



The highlight of this day was meeting  one of the most respected icons of Kuwait when it comes to performing arts, Mr. Saad Al Faraj. As the protégés were listening to Mr. Sulaiman speaking, Mr. Saad walked in unexpectedly creating complete silence in the room.


He greeted the protégés and invited them to a live rehearsal inside the theatre of an upcoming play called حيال بوطير  that will be launching in Beirut. The play stars Mr. Saad Al Faraj, Huda Al-Khateeb, Ahmad Eraj and other talented actors. The play is a politically dramatic one resembling situations of wolves in sheep clothing. It was a powerful play that stresses on critical issues in current political situations.



After watching the play rehearsal, the protégés formed a circle on stage where they were discussing the play with Mr. Sulaiman and Mentor Yarub Burhama, who is also a director. Mr. Sulaiman was very open-minded tolerating all the questions directed at him during the discussion.


The play was a piece of art especially since it is partially musical. The protégés enjoyed the live band that was playing during the play, which elevated the audience’s level of engagement. It is really nice to see all the efforts put in in order to improve the level of performing arts in Kuwait.