The protégés had the exclusive opportunity to receive a private training course in asset management at KAMCO.

The protégés were welcomed to KAMCO by Assistant Vice Presidents of Client Relationship & Marketing Department, Danah Al-Jasem and Nouf Al-Besarah. In the Marketing Department, they were given a brief history of the company and an introduction to asset management and investment. Al-Jasem and Al-Besarah also explained some of KAMCO’s CSR initiatives such as the refurbishment of the KU Trading Room and their sponsorship of the CFA awards ceremonies.

Next the protégés were lead to the Asset Management Department where Reem Al-Hajery, Assistant Vice President of Discretionary Portfolios gave a presentation about the stock market. She explained basic investment tactics and reasons for market fluctuation.

The protégés were actively engaged in the discussion and asked many questions. By the end of the visit, each protégé was eager to begin managing their own virtual portfolio via KAMCO’s online platform.